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Upcoming Parish Council meetings...

The Parish Council has decided to cancel the following meetings

  • Planning meeting on Wednesday, 18th March 
  • And P&P meeting on Friday on Friday 20th March 

This is because of the demographics of the majority of the Councillors, underlying health conditions of Councillors and their immediate family.

Instead of the policy and procedures meeting on Friday, 20th March 2020  we will be having a meeting of the Full Parish Council.  The agenda will follow and will deal with the business of delegating powers to the Clerk/Asst Clerk to deal with business in the event of an extended period of lockdown or self-isolation.

It will be 2 agenda items:-

  • To suspend standing orders and financial regulations and pass a resolution to give full delegation of Council decisions to the Clerk / Asst Clerk during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic declared by the World Health Organisation. Such delegation to enable the Council to fulfil its responsibilities to its residents and continue business as usual where possible.
  • To consider any actions required by the Parish Council in respect of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) virus to support the Community and in relation to management of Parish Council owned buildings.

The agenda for the meeting on Friday, 20th March can be found HERE.

For a full calendar of meetings please click HERE   Dates, Times and locations of the meetings can sometimes change, so please look out the agenda to check the details.