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Proposed development of the Recreation Ground Pavilion


Part of the Recreation Ground on Main Road is legally owned by the Recreation Ground Charity.  The Parish Council is the Sole Trustee of that charity, manages the facility and covers the running costs through the precept collected through Council Tax.

The Pavilion is in a poor state of repair and over the last few years the Council has been considering the future of this space and how its development will best serve the Community without undue pressure on the tax payers of the village.

The Council has reviewed the sports facilities at Colden Common Park and the Recreation Ground and has resolved to consult with Parishioners on rationalisation of the pavilion facilities within the village.

The proposal is to move the current adult pitch on the Recreation Ground to Colden Common Park and to replace junior pitch removed at Colden Common Park to the Recreation Ground.  This does not impact the pitch facilities in the village but has the following benefits.

·         Two adult football pitches at Colden Common Park can be serviced by the existing 4 changing rooms already on site which currently are underutilised.


·         Youth football rarely uses full changing facilities.  Having only junior pitches on the Recreation Ground allows the existing internal space in the Recreation Ground pavilion to be redesigned as follows


o   A small shower and changing area

o   Outside toilets

o   Larger community space obtained by removing the two changing rooms and showers

o   Reduces the refurbishment costs, and future financial burden.


This change will mean that the Recreation Ground will only be available for pitch hire for Youth Football Clubs.  This decision will provide a community space which will be available for hire for a variety of village requirements, the Colden Common Tennis Club, exercise classes, children’s birthday parties, Guiding and Scouting groups and a polling station.  All users will have the benefit of outside recreation space within the “triangle” of the village.

Please do take the time to consider these proposals and feedback your views to the Parish Council.  Views will be collected via a consultation document which is available on the Parish Council website or by calling into the Parish Council office in the Community Centre to give your views.

The closing date for comments is the 22nd December 2017.


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