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About the Parish Council

Colden Common Parish Council when at its full complement consists of 12 councillors,  a Clerk and an Assistant Clerk and meets every month. The Parish Council also employs a cleaner.

Councillors are elected by the electors of the parish every four years or at other time by a co-option when a vacancy arises.   A councillor’s role is to listen to and represent the views and interests of the community as a whole through being well informed on local issues and by consultation with local people.

A councillor is part of a ‘corporate body’ and must work with all members of the council to make legal and responsible decisions as a whole body. A councillor should work in partnership with and appreciate and respect the role of the clerk.  All councillors must be aware of their obligation to abide by the council’s Code of Conduct.

A councillor must attend meetings on a regular basis and be fully prepared to discuss and take decisions on items on the agenda, sent out in advance. He should take an active part in meetings to form a best judgement for the needs of the community and abide by majority decisions. A councillor should maintain proper standards of behaviour and not bring the council into disrepute and act openly and honourably in the public’s interest.