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Council & Committees

The Full Council meets every other month.

Click HERE for a list of meeting dates.  Times and locations of meetings may change, please check the agenda for the time and location of the meeting.

For minutes and the latest agenda for Full Parish Council meetings please click HERE 

(Please note some meeting dates may change, please ring the Parish Office to check on 01962 713700)

There are 4 committees which meet.  An overview of their responsibilities are detailed below.

For the latest minutes and agendas for the committees please click on the headings below.


Finance Committee


Recreation Committee

To oversee financial controls   Care and control of open spaces
To review the upkeep and use of the Councils property & resources   Maintenance of all sports buildings, pitches, and courts
Consider costs to the elecorate   Management of play areas
Oversee all legal matters    
To monitor financial risk assessments    

Planning Committee


Policy, Procedures and Staffing Committee 

Planning Process   To provide policies and procedures
Tree Preservation Orders   To assist in adhering to standards and procedures
Development Consultations   To assist the Parish Council in employing and managing staff
Monitoring of Highways    
Management of Footpaths