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Other Open spaces

Enviromental Open Spaces

Church Pond

Situated between Hawthorn Close and the north / south leg of Vears lane, this is an attractive large balancing pond with island designed to collect and release stormwater surface drainage run-off to a tributary of the River Itchen. The pond is also a superb amenity for the village and a haven for wildlife being home to moorhen, coots, mallard and a whole host of invertebrates providing food for the damselflies, dragonflies and frogs.

Since 1996 the pond has been managed by the efforts of the Woodpeckers Environmental Group and through dredging in 1999 by the local office of the Environment Agency who also constructed the dipping platform.

North Pond

Sittuated between Whitebeam Close, Vears Lane and Piping Green, this small but attractive wooded and wetland area has a 'dry' pond or at best boggy area with footpaths centrally located in the village.


Blue Bells at Colden Common Park woodland



Other land within the ownership of the Parish Council includes land at the entrance of Tees Farm Road from Church Lane, Valley Close, St Vigor Way / Ash Close / Lime Close / Whitebeam Close / Birch Close / Alder Close. Much of this was transferred from developers for community benefit "in perpetuity", to ensure that pockets of green open spaces were retained within their developments The Parish Council