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Parish Councillors




Email address Register of interests
Cllr Richard Izard 01962 712167 rizard@coldencommon-pc.gov.uk Download
Chairman of the Parish Council 07411 135468    
Cllr Maggie Hill   mhill@coldencommon-pc.gov.uk  
Vice-Chair of the Parish Council 01962 712760   Download
Chair of the Planning & Policy and Procedures Committees      
Cllr John Boyes 01962 714061 jboyes@coldencommon-pc.gov.uk Download
  07501 594186    
Cllr Alex Loughran 01962 713166 aloughran@coldencommon-pc.gov.uk Download
Cllr Laurence Wilks 01962 717617 lwilks@coldencommon-pc.gov.uk Download
  07973 378610    
Cllr Hazel Crosthwaite 01962 713700 hcrosthwaite@coldencommon-pc.gov.uk Download
Chair of Finance      
Cllr Maggie Pearson 01962 713700 mpearson@yahoo.co.uk Download
Chair of the Recreation Committee      
Cllr Rob Veck 01962 713700 cllr.robveck@gmail.com Download
Cllr Shaun Byrne 01962 713700 sbyrne@coldencommon-pc.gov.uk Download
Cllr Jacqui Hadley 01962 713700 jacquihadley@gmail.com Download
Cllr Brian O'Neill 01962 713700 boneill@coldencommon-pc.gov.uk Download


Name Committees
  Finance Planning Recreation Policy
Cllr Richard Izard X X X X
Chairman of the Parish Council   Vice   Vice
Cllr Maggie Hill        
Vice-Chair of the Parish Council X X X X
Chair of the Planning & Policy and Procedures Committee   Chair   Chair
Cllr John Boyes   X X  
Cllr Alex Loughran X X   X
Cllr Laurence Wilks X      
Cllr Hazel Crosthwaite X   X X
Chair of Finance Chair      
Cllr Maggie Pearson   X X  
Chair of Recreation     Chair  
Cllr Rob Veck X     X
Cllr Shaun Byrne X   X X
Cllr Jacqui Hadley     X  
Cllr Brian O'Neill   X X