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Play areas

In addition to the Playareas at Colden Common Park and Recreation Ground, the Parish Council manage The Green and The Triangle.

The Green is situated off St Vigor Way (SO21 1UU) and parking is available in the Community Centre Car Park

This large rectangular grassed area was vested in the council as a result of the St Vigor Way housing development in the village. The area is used for informal recreation. Childrens play facilities include a popular skateboard/kickabout area,  enclosed toddlers' play area and a large play area for 5-12 year olds "Central Park".

Picture above Central Park on The Green

A project driven by Volunteers Rachel Cross and Amanda Hughes to provide a play facility for 5-12 year olds with convenient access from school

Grateful thanks to Veolia and Sita for the match funding for this project




The Triangle, Upper Moors Road (Opposite the School)

facilties include a secure toddler play area, a trim trail for older children and a grassed kick a bout area.