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Rights of Way Maps

Rights of way in Colden Common

Colden Common has a brilliant network of rights of way.  A map of footpaths within the Parish can be downloaded HERE

Rights of way in Hampshire

To view the Right of ways maps (ROWS) for Hampshire you can find them on the Hampshire County Council website by clicking HERE

Walk Winchester

Will Walker (not his real name) has mapped 12 walks from four suggested starting points in different parts of the city to make up the 12 walks challenge:

Start locations are King Alfred Statue, Waitrose, Sainsburys and St. Mary’s in Kings Worthy.

You can view the 12 walks challenge at the link below.

Complete the 12 walks challenge - walkWINCHESTER

Rights of way issues

Hampshire Countryside Service manages about 3,000 miles of public footpaths, bridleways and unsurfaced roads to report any issues with them please note the ROW number and report using this LINK